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I recently paid a visit to the Greenwich set of Thor The Dark World.

There should be more of this. Lego Loki around the world and how he is perpetually pissed off about it all.

On my twitter people send me many photos of my various clones in other locations around the world, and of course we all look angry because I HATE THOR, THE AVENGERS AND EVERYONE!

<3 this ^-^

The NomNom Delirium

For various reasons, I currently despise myself.  My inner monologue has recently descended into a series of tirades of self abuse, and my mind seems to be losing the fight to silence it.  I am more than used to the quiet, background screech of my self-esteem issues, but this wall of negative noise is proving quite impossible to ignore.

I am, instead, bowing to it.  A hundred different ways to “punish” myself for being such a horrible human being have scraped themselves across my brain in the past few weeks.  However, non-productive self-destruction is not in my nature.  I am, instead, exercising every day and eating less than I normally would.

I am constantly tired, and almost constantly hungry.  When I do eat, I eat healthily.  I probably get the recommended 2000 calories a day.  I’ve never bothered to check  - but my brain insists I get more, much more than I need.  So I cut back.  And back.  And back.

I’m terrified of eating around people.  I like to see how long I can go between meals.  I replace food with coffee.  If I don’t exercise, I won’t eat.

I have named this “The NomNom Delirium”.  It comes and goes in my life - I know it’s not healthy, but for now I cannot stop.  It will cease eventually, but for now… my gods I’m hungry.  I best go to sleep.

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